The Entries

With this new round of the Composers Challenge, we decided to tackle a concept as old as time itself, that of creation. Each participant was asked to write a 5 min piece based on the beautiful creation sequence from Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life. Venturing away from conventional film scoring, and more into concert-style program music, this was certainly a different and more challenging direction for composers. Let’s look at what they’ve come up with!


Some background info:

The Composers Challenge is an initiative designed to help emulate the experience of a film composer for participants. Through a long process, the composer is given a clip and asked to score it. His/her music is then passed along a panel of adjudicators made up of prominent film music critics in the community, along with other professionals in the industry (we’ve been known to have composers and renowned musicologists on board). The work is then reviewed and feedback is offered. The piece is finally put up to vote to determine final scores with the public and set a victor to the competition. It’s a process in which every composer learns and an experience from which all participants have something to take out of.

As previously stated, this new challenge was for participants to underscore a 5-minute scene from Tree of Life. The clip:

Take the opportunity to listen to some great music that people have composed.

Here is a convenient playlist:


Thanks goes out to cs_tbl for the intro.

Now, to the entries:


Entry #1:


Entry #2:


Entry #3:


Entry #4:


Entry #5:


Entry #6:


Entry #7:


Entry #8:


Entry #9:


Entry #10:


Entry #11:


Entry #12:


Entry #13:



Entry #14:


Just tos serve as a reminder, we won’t be doing voting anymore. But your feedback continues to be useful for the participants. Send over an email to with your thoughts and opinions on the pieces and they’ll be compiled and summarized when the final results come out!

First set of reviews will be out this Friday, and the following are expected to be released every Friday following that. Do check them out! The adjudicators’ panel consists of:

– Mike T.

– Mikko Ojala

– Dylan O’Neal

– Leon Willett

Of course we go on without failing to mention our guest for our Hear From the Pros, which is Benjamin Wallfisch. It’s going to be an exciting time!

Yet again these aspiring composers need your support. Take the time to listen through these fantastic entries for it will not be an uninteresting journey. Then simply take time to send me an email including your criticism, your commentaries and your feedback which will all help the composers a lot. Much of your feedback from past challenges were quite useful.

Send your emails to

I await your feedback.

All the best!

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